10 Quotes that I live by

1e3a5da5a142c356d902e0f1336060c1#1  Although this may be Dr. Seuss, it is just as meaningful in comparison to any other.  

4da1aed62de598b9b3962355898d2821 #2 Winnie the Pooh is a genius, don’t let anyone tell you differently.

e1c792c526fe77d4ea38010eaeda4c2f #3 Always look beyond what’s in front of you.

eab8610ef2a35bcb09176c9d710fc04d#4 The world is filled with assholes. Don’t be one, don’t tolerate one.

e972926c98886cba03cf603dbbf9e6be #5 Live life to the fullest, because eventually it does end. Make sure your story is one that you want to be told. 

845e0556d25cafa3dfd047cbfd225dec#6 It’s never too late to start over. 

40db1f6a0d608a955088666509cec61f #7 Let the good memories outweigh the bad.

8f98f875f5dcb9abf890f53fa6f99138  #8 Sooner is better than later. Always.

6dba69813817393c11e8aa793aa1f9b9 #9 I’m in love with the idea of love. 

205aaf00b6055a0e13630c8dd14ba292  #10 Lastly, perception is EVERYTHING. 


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