Raise Your Hand

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever doubted the existence of God. It’s perfectly okay to have your hand in the air right now.  We’re in the same club together.  In the midst of a conversation I was having with another Camp Staff member and some high school boys this past weekend, the question of whether, as a Christian, it was okay to question the existence of God came up. My answer: absolutely.  Questioning if God is real or not means you’re actively thinking about your faith.  I have a vivid memory of being in church as an fourteen-year-old thinking, “what if this is all made up and God doesn’t really exist?” The next year was a rough year of faith for me.  There have been multiple occasions in my life where I’ve thought that all of this church business was complete bullshit.  That’s okay.  What really matters is: I came…

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