things my friends tell me to blog about

Welcome back!

Recently, I have been having suffering from some major writers block. Having 4 hours worth of writing related classes each day happens to take the best of your abilities.

Since I haven’t blogged for awhile, I figured I could make this short and simple.

I asked my friends what I should write about, and them being the extremely strange people they are, replied with a variety of responses. Here are some of their answers, and my quick and weird views on them:

1: Jellybeans 

There’s all sorts of flavors, and too many to choose from. The problem is, I only enjoy three: popcorn, coconut, and french vanilla.

2: The Wall 

The most intimidating thing when entering the high school, and I feel bad for any incoming freshman who has to suffer the pain of finding a place to stand. It should determine no social status whatsoever, yet by standing there, you are automatically seen as ‘popular’, or even ‘a bitch’.  Eden Prairie could be 10 times less exclusive if we simply removed the meaning of the wall, and opened it to everyone despite their social standing.

3: My Mother

Rikki Jacobson, what a lady. She bought me lunch today, and every day before that. She also does my laundry. What more could I ask for?

4: College

I don’t even want to think about the concept of college until I hire an ACT tutor. Sorry, this is just too touchy of a subject at the moment. 😦

5: How my dad took money out of my college bank account

Yet another wonderful topic, but I don’t share the same experience. I guess my suggestion would be to find out his credit card number and go shopping. Oh wait, you already did that. 🙂

6: Sports

Well, clearly anyone who reads this knows I simply don’t play them. For those of you do, go score some goals or a touchdown.

7: My Dad

I am frustrated at this moment with him. He feels the strong need to move every object out of its original place in our home. Not to mention, he completely neglects to let anyone know as to where he puts them. I just found all of my shoes in my brothers closet downstairs. Really?

8: Social Media

It has all the power in the world to do so much good, yet we manage to destruct it into doing all of the bad. Remember what to believe, and what to not while reading things on the internet. I know I struggle with this too, but try to refrain from provoking twitter arguments.

9: A Poem

This blog really sucks, and i’m really sad. Please tune in next week, hopefully it won’t be this bad.

10: Boobs

You have them, or you don’t. If you don’t have them (98% of my lifetime), it’s all you wish for. If you do have them, you’d trade them for anything else. Funny how that works, right?

11: The 90 degree left turn that has to be made in order to pull in the Dairy Queen drive thru

Well, I still have to take the DMV test in order to make that same complaint. I would imagine you’re quite anxious while trying to get your blizzard.

12: Eating Disorders

I’m going to try my best to not go in depth with this. Food is a wonderful thing. Embrace it, enjoy it, and love your body for what it is. If you don’t, find something to improve it. Starving yourself, or making yourself vomit, isn’t nor will ever be the answer.

13: How Chanhassen Taco Bell messes up orders 10 out of 10 times

I have only experienced this at Mc Donald’s. Luckily, no matter what, Taco Bell’s meat is almost the equality of dog food. Whatever your eating, probably isn’t too good.

14: How Mexican food impacts the digestive system

Ask my dad. You can borrow his sudoku book next time.

15: How messed up our generation is


16: Alanna’s Weird Cat Obsessions

I, simply do not understand the obsession with cats. I don’t understand how you like your cats, and I don’t understand why they walk around like dogs. I don’t understand why they always stare at me, and I don’t like how they wrap their creepy little tails around my arm. I also don’t enjoy the fact that I get hives every time i’m near one. Alanna, please, dear GOD,  find a new obsession.

17: Scented Candles

Run me a bubble bath, put my laptop on the toilet, and click play on Friends. That is a description of what I do every night at 7:00.

18: If people actually deserve second chances

I’m a strong believer of second chances, but unfortunately, I have a tendency of also giving 8 more. Have some self respect, and know when someone isn’t meant to be forgiven.

19: What it’s like to be a white independent woman 

It’s freakin awesome, that’s what it’s like.

20: Sleep

At #20, that is where I will end it. Thank you to my awesomely, creative friends for giving me these interesting, and extremely thought provoking ideas.

Goodnight to all!


the girl who writes terrible blogs


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